Master Lock® Lost Keys and Key Replacements

26 Sep


A common question we get at is, “I lost my keys, can you send me a new set?”

It is only possible to obtain a replacement key from Master Lock® if you have the key number.

Your key number can be found on the back of your key or on the original packaging. For example, this key number is 3900. If your key is blank it is possible that it is a duplicate key, which only a locksmith will be able to help you copy.

master lock cut key

Once you have your key number, you can call’s customer care at 1-800-778-2217.

Or if you know your key model, you can visit and purchase the correct cut key.

If you do not have the key number, it is possible to get an impression of your lock by a locksmith or a local hardware store. Please note that not all locksmiths will offer this service, and if they do, they will charge you a fee.

For your security, there is no such thing as a “Master Key” that opens all Master Locks.

1525 Replacement Control Key

1500 series + control key

For Schools and institutions that purchased Master Lock No. 1525 locks may order key replacements. However, they need to confirm their end user information before purchasing more keys. This may require sending a handwritten or faxed request for the keys on the school’s letterhead, or sending an official PO. Please call’s customer care at 1-800-778-221 for assistance with this process.

Lockout Tagout Keys

safety lockout

OSHA has strict policies that select Safety Lockout products are “one lock, one key”.

For the employees safety, select Master Lock® safety lockout products will require you to fill a request form before you can receive your replacement key. Once the request form is received, there will be a 10-15 business day lead time.

Master Lock Products that require a request form include:


  • 406KAS    
  • 406AST
  • S31    
  • S31KAS    
  • S32    
  • S33KAS    
  • S33 Custom Padlock Engraving

19 Sep offers custom lock engraving for several Master and American padlock models. Whether it is for a business, a school, or just personal, there are many different benefits engraving provides. Padlock engraving

Several companies have found it beneficial to custom engrave their lockout/tagout devices for identifying purposes. For example, some companies imprint an employee’s name into the lock to indicate who is servicing the machine. Alternatively, some companies create a code to correlate the lock to the corresponding key. Both options gives the supervisors the ability to identify the right person or key to unlock the padlock.

The 1525 and 1502 Locker Locks have room on the dials’ faces for customization.

1500 series engraving


Schools can show their school spirit by adding their school acronym or emblem. Businesses can also utilize this space for their logo. For extra customization, the dials are offered in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Gray
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Red


To order custom engraved locks please call Customer Service at +18007782217. Our office is open 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m Pacific Time.


Below is a complete list of all of the padlocks available for engraving.


American Locks that can be engraved:


A10, A20, A1205, A5400, A5560 Series Padlocks

A30, A40, ASL40, S1105/A1105, A5530 Series Padlocks

A1305, A5460, A5570 Series Padlocks

A1405, A3560, A3600 Series Padlocks

A3570, A3700, A3900 Series Solid Brass Padlocks

A1305COV, A5260COV, A5460COV, A5570COV Series Weatherbuilt™ 2in Padlocks

A10COV, A20COV, A1205COV, A5200COV, A5400COV, A5560COV Series Weatherbuilt™ 1-3/4in Padlocks

A3260COV and A3570COV Series Weatherbuilt™ Padlocks

A3200COV and A3560COV Series Weatherbuilt™ Padlocks

S1100/A1100 Series Aluminum Padlocks

A1205 Series Solid Aluminum Padlocks

AL50 Blade Tumbler Series Padlocks


Master Locks that can be engraved:


S6835/6835 Aluminum Padlocks

175 & 975 Series Resettable Combination Padlock

Pro Series® Resettable Combination Locks

Pro Series® Solid Brass Padlocks

411 Zenex™ Thermoplastic Safety Lockout Padlocks

406 & 410 Zenex™ Thermoplastic Safety Lockout Padlocks

Pro Series® Weather Tough®/ Iron Shroud Padlocks
S31, S33 Safety Lockout Padlocks

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Do You Still Need to Order Locker Locks?

10 Aug

Schools, Institutions and Government Agency Locker Locks - has everyday low prices on all Master Lock Locker Locks: Standard Dial Combination Padlocks, Built-In Locker Locks and ADA Compliant Locker Locks. The Schools / Institutions Page includes resources for Standard Dial Combination Padlocks, Built-In Combination Padlocks, Control Keys for Locker Locks, Ordering with a PO, Chart Requirements and Tax Exemption.  Best of all, Schools, Institutions and Government Agencies can take advantage of ordering locker locks by Purchase Order from with no credit application needed.

The Master Lock No. 1502 and Master Lock No. 1525 Order Form is still part of a direct mail campaign that The Lock People® have used for many years. offers an online version of this form for ordering Master Lock Model No. 1502 and Master Lock Model No. 1525. This dynamic order form allows you to select your Master Lock Model Number, color dial option, portable padlock bumpers to prevent locks from scratching lockers, and for the No. 1525, you can match your existing key number and order extra control keys for your locker lock system. This Locker Lock Order Form is also available to print and pass on to your Schools Purchaser who can submit the form with a PO Number by Fax to The Lock People® at 619.444.5677. also has a Lock Chart Request Form for Combination Charts to facilitate locker lock system administration. Please note, all combination requests must be submitted in writing. Please print, fill out and sign the printable request form and fax or mail back with your signature on a copy of your school or company letter head.

The Lock People® at offer a Lowest Price Guarantee on all Master Lock No. 1502 and Master Lock No. 1525 padlocks and will match any verifiable lower price quote. Schools and Educational Institutions in the contiguous 48 United States receive Free Shipping, and all schools receive two free K1525 Control Keys with their order of Master Lock No. 1525 Padlocks.

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Stop Lost Locks

8 Aug

The Sav-Lok® is a unique solution to a common problem. It is easy to misplace your padlock when it is unlocked, the Sav-Lok® solves this problem by keeping your lock attached to whatever surface you choose to mount the anchor loop to.

Sav-Lok® in use

The Sav-Lok® is not just limited to wooden gates. Common applications include:

  • Trailers
  • Vending Machines
  • Business Gates
  • Dock Storage Lockers
  • Waste Receptacles


The Sav-Lok® is an easy to assemble permanent padlock-chain assembly that keeps the lock where you want it, when you want it. The best part is that there is no welding required! All you need is to follow these three simple steps to install your Sav-Lok®.


Hodge Products Inc. wants to promote good customer service by offering their customers a way to get the most use out of their padlocks. When purchasing your locks be sure to visit or call our customer service number at 1-800-778-2217 to find the Sav-Lok® that matches your padlock.


Sav-Lok® is available in various sizes To Fit Any Lock™ including:





Master Lock’s Locker Locks

21 Apr


It’s that time year again! School is almost over and school administrators are planning their budgets for the next school season. has Locker Locks ready, in-stock and at the best prices for your school.

The Schools / Institutions Page is your one stop for everything Locker Lock for your school. This page includes resources for Standard Dial Combination Padlocks, Built-In Combination Padlocks, Control Keys for Locker Locks, Ordering with a PO, Chart Requirements and Tax Exemption.  Best of all, Schools, Institutions and Government Agencies can take advantage of ordering locker locks by Purchase Order from with no credit application needed. always offers Schools and Institutions:

  • Two free control keys with 1525 orders
  • Free Combination Charts included with Locker Lock Purchases
  • Free Excel Locker Charts Upon Request
  • Free shipping on Locker Lock Orders Over $50
  • Replacement Charts Available Upon Request has the Lowest Prices Guaranteed

On top of’s great prices, we offer a Lowest Price Guarantee on Master Lock Model No. 1502 and Model No. 1525. will match any verifiable lower price quote.



For a limited time, Color Dials are available in the following assortment of colors at no extra cost:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Gray
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Red

Master Lock Built-in Lockers: has a wide assortment of built in lockers for your school, whether your school prefers keyed or combination built-in Locker Locks.

Master Lock ADA Compliant Lockers:

In the “2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design”, the United States Department of Justice set forth the following standards for Locker Locks to be deemed ADA Compliant:

  • Shall Be operable with one hand
  • Shall not require tight grasping, pinching or twisting on the wrist to operate
  • Shall have a force required to activate of 5lbs (22.2N) maximum

Master Lock has created both Built-In and Portable Locker Locks that are available for your students at

To Place an Order visit Schools and Institutions page. To order using an Order Form, Fax, Email, or call us with your PO #.

For Combination chart replacements, please print, fill out, and sign the Locker Chart Request Form and fax or mail back with two signatures on a copy of your school’s or company’s letter head.

Master Lock® ProSeries® Solid Aluminum Padlocks

14 Mar

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The Master Lock® ProSeries® Solid Aluminum includes one padlock model, the Master Lock No. 6835. The 6835 is available in three different shackle heights: a 1-inch shackle, 1½-inch shackle, and a 3-inch shackle, and in six different colors: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, and Orange.  For multiple lock usage, ProSeries® Solid Aluminum Padlocks are easy to order Keyed Alike and Master Keyed with the correct key number. The option to change these features gives you the opportunity to tailor your padlock for your necessities.

The baked on powder-coated finish high visibility color stays bright even in harsh environments. Colors give you the ability to visibly label your padlocks by department, employees, etc. For added protection against dirt and grime from getting into the shackle and key way, a protective case, Master Lock No. S101 can be added to the padlock. The S101 features a key way and shackle seal to keep out foreign materials.


Best Used for


Solid Aluminum is best used for Industrial Lockout Tagout. Aluminium is ideal for hazardous  environments. Compared to aluminum’s alternative, plastic, aluminum can withstand toxic exposure. Lockout/Tagout standards protect employees from hazardous energy sources on machines and equipment during service and maintenance.


Master Lock ProSeries®


The Master Lock Company introduced the ProSeries® line of padlocks in 1992. Master Lock® envisioned a line of padlocks with standard components across the line to be ideal for locksmiths. ProSeries® padlocks feature hardened boron alloy shackles for superior cut resistance, dual ball bearing locking mechanisms that resist pulling and prying, 5-pin & 6-pin cylinders, spool pins, and rekeyable cylinders.

Padlocks featured in Master Lock ProSeries® include:

Master Lock’s New Bluetooth® Padlocks

24 Feb


Introducing Master Lock’s first Bluetooth® Smart Padlocks, Model No. 4400D and 4401DLH. Master Lock’s new Bluetooth® technology eliminates the inconvenience of physical keys or forgotten combinations. With Master Lock Vault® eLocks, you will be able to unlock your lock, share access with guests, and get tamper alerts all in one place.

Best Used For

    4400D Indoor Bluetooth® Smart Padlock

  • Indoor Storage Lockers
  • School, Employee, and Athletic Lockers
  • Storage Cabinets

    4401DLH Outdoor Bluetooth® Smart Padlock

  • Garage / Storage Shed
  • Tool Chest / Box
  • Storage Locker
  • Fences

Getting Started:

    Once you purchase and receive your padlock you can download and sign up for Master Lock Vault® eLocks. From there you can register your lock by entering in your Activation Code:

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.53.45 AM

Your primary code will be directly adjacent to the activation code. Make sure to save the primary code somewhere safe like Master Lock Vault®. After activating your lock you can unlock your padlock by using the primary code or with your mobile device.

How to Unlock the 4400D and 4401DLH
When you have your mobile device you can use the lock’s bluetooth capability to unlock the padlock:

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.59.34 AM

When your phone is not available you can unlock your padlock using the directional keypad:

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 12.10.21 PM

If your padlock dies in the locked position you can jump the contact point:

   Master Lock® Model No. 4400D

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 12.15.33 PM

Master Lock® Model No. 4401DHL

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 12.17.23 PM


Bluetooth® technology allows these padlocks to go above and beyond the average padlock. You can permit temporary access to a friend by allowing their phone to have guest access, without the worry of losing keys or sharing combinations. Also, when you are away from your lock you can receive tamper alerts straight to your smartphone. Protect what matters most and more, with Master Lock’s Bluetooth® Padlocks.