PRODUCT FOCUS: Portable Lock Boxes & Key Safes

28 Mar

title_graphicLock boxes for keys are generally grouped with realtors, however, almost anybody can take advantage of their benefits. With a lock box / key safe you can provide third parties with a combination, rather than providing multiple keys that may be used without your knowledge. Displaying your lockbox when expecting guests is safer than keys floating around to be used at random. Below we’ll cover new ways to use the boxes, and then go on to show some of our favorites.

As The Lock People ®, we hear interesting ways people use our products all the time. Some of our favorites are the inventive ways to use portable lock boxes, and we wanted to share these tips with our readers!

After one customer’s kid lost around 5 house keys, she decided to use a lock box to solve the problem! She had her kid choose a code easily remembered and they used the stored key when coming home from school, once the parents were home they would replace the lock in the box.
Another customer has a lock box that only has the key inside when she is at work or out of town, this allows her pet sitters to come in and retrieve food for her pups and take them out without handing over a copy to either multiple workers or a teenager.
Some people keep a spare in their yard locked away, which allows them to text the code/location of the box to either their neighbors or family in case of an emergency when a keyholder is nowhere near!
Other cases include giving the gardener a code for the gate/shed key, storing an extra car key in the garage locked up so it does not get lost, and many many more. Comment below with your creative way to use a Master Lock Portable Lock Box.

Now we’ll continue to introduce the most popular purchases made from The Lock People®!


The 5406D is one of our most popular portable lock boxes, and is the typical go to for residential use; storing 1-2 house keys, or a car key. The box comes with a flexible cover that protects the combination dials from weather, dirt and grime; and its vinyl coated shackle prevents scratching on your door. The 5406D has 3 dials that allow you to Set Your Own Combination.


The 5400D is most commonly purchased by realtors, but is still actively used in residential settings. This box has internal dimensions of 3-1/2” x 2-3/4” x 1” making it perfect for multiple keys, access cards, and other small items. This box also includes the flexible cover that protects the combination dials, and has the vinyl shackle coating to protect your door. Lastly, the 5400D is a set your own combination with 4 dials.


   The 5401D is great for permanent applications, such as the side of your house or in your garage. The box has large internal dimensions of 3-1/4” x 2-1/4” x 1” to store keys, car keys, or access cards. The protective weather cover keeps items safe from outdoor conditions such as rain or snow. The 5401D is a set your own combination lock with 4 dials.


The 5424D is a higher tech model, providing glowing combination dials as well as a removable shackle for easy application. The battery is easy to replace, and the weather cover protects your dials. These are popular with both realty companies and the average joe who pays attention to details. The 5424D holds multiple keys or access cards. This model is a set your own combination with 4 dials.

All of these products can be purchased directly from our website , or by calling our friendly staff at 1 (800) 778 – 2217.

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PRODUCT UPDATE: Hidden Shackle Padlocks

24 Feb


Hidden Shackle Padlocks, or more commonly known as Puck Locks are great for many industrial applications. From work vans and business gates, to trailers and vending machines the list goes on. American Lock & Master Lock have chosen to simplify both of their hidden shackle lines in 2017. Read below to learn which locks are still in production and what to do if your current lock was discontinued!

It’s important to remember that a simplified line does not mean that your options as a consumer will be limited. In fact key numbers, measurements, back geometry, and body material from discontinued items carry over seamlessly into the current line.

Follow the chart below to determine which active model lock will fit your application.
The reference guide speaks for itself and clearly illustrates all options and choices for replacement that are available to you. Please carefully look over all choices to ensure that your replacement lock is applicable for ALL important features for your application.
Any Keyed Alike, Master Keyed, Sets, or Edge Keys can translate into a new active model Puck Lock as well, if so desired. Continue reading below to learn how to identify the part #’s required to get the correct cylinder built into your new puck lock.

When ordering it’s important to note any specialty keyway requirements in the “order notes” section of your order to ensure that the transition is as smooth as can be. When unsure of the current cylinder, please provide the desired key number as well. This provides the highest success rate in getting you exactly what you need.

If you experience any confusion or difficulties don’t hesitate to visit us online at to start up a live chat, or contact us at 1 (800) 778 – 2217. A lock specialist is more than happy to help you place your order!

To get an order going for your new puck lock, visit us to browse our inventory. Discontinued models are available while supplies last.

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How Do I Find The Combination To My Master Lock?

30 Jan

Combination locks are great for school, gym, and any other personal use lockers! However, losing your combination can be frustrating. Below we’ll cover ways to help you recover any lost combinations*, and our tips on preventing being locked out of your combination lock again!

*Please note that it is only possible to retrieve missing combinations if your combination lock has a serial number written on the back, and is not attached or locking anything. See the image below to ensure that your lock has a serial number.


If your combination lock does not provide a serial number, there is no documentation on which combination your lock may have. Unfortunately, this means that looking for documentation or old packaging may be the only way to recover your combination. If you are need of a new combination lock, visit us at to purchase one at a great price.

If your lock does provide a serial number, the easiest way to retrieve your combination is to take your lock to any local Master Lock Distributor in your area; think of Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. A store associate at the customer service desk will be able to call the Master Lock Customer Service line at 1(800)308-9244 to retrieve your combination for you. It’s important to note that Master Lock will not release combinations to anybody other than authorized employees who can vouch that your lock is in hand, present, and free standing.



Now that you have access to your combination, we recommend you store it in a safe place. The best place for storing your combination is in the Master Lock® Vault®  – a FREE service from Master Lock that’s easy to use! The Master Lock Vault not only stores combinations, but other important documents such as passwords, tax documents, ID’s, etc.

School faculty and fitness club staff members can retrieve multiple missing combination charts online by filling out and returning this Combination Chart Form via fax to 619.444.5677.


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Don’t Let The Grinch Steal Your Holiday Gifts!

22 Dec


In the spirit of the holidays, the little elves over at wanted to let you guys know our suggestions for preventing theft and promoting a safe holiday season!



The 90DSPT& 94DSPT trigger locks are perfect for anybody interested firearms – they fit most handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Special rubber padding protects the guns finish from marring or scratching. These work great as a stocking stuffer, or combined with a new firearm to ensure a peace of mind!


140d-1502The 140D & 1502 locks are perfect for anybody in your life who’s into fitness. Throw one of these locks in with a new gym bag, water bottle, and workout supplement to make the perfect budget friendly gift.


Both of the 4400D & 4401DLH Bluetooth® padlocks are a great gift for teenagers! A great way to lock up school lockers or personal items at home. Giving the gift of safety without the hassle of keys or combinations ensures a win for both the gift giver and receiver.



The 5408D & 5408DCAMO portable mini safes are great for anybody who frequently spends time outdoors! Store small items such as keys, money, or notes in this mini safe. Lanyard attaches to backpacking equipment, outdoor objects, and more. Throw this in with any camping equipment or as a stocking stuffer for a gift any man is sure to love!



The 8413CBL12 is a great lock to ensure that your classic holiday gift of new wheels is safe away from home! Python Cable locks go above and beyond the standard bike lock because they have an adjustable cable perfect for any application, as well coil up neatly for traveling convenience. Boys and girls of all ages would love having this to keep their new bike safe!



1TRLIJ laminated steel padlocks are a must around most any household. Perfect for securing gates, sheds, garages, and tool boxes. This pack contains 3 locks with a elongated shackles, all keyed the same for convenience. A great gift alone or paired with new tools!

All locks featured on this blog post are available at with FREE shipping! Most items in stock while supplies last.

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How to Reset Master Lock No. 175 and 176

7 Dec

How do I set or reset a Master Lock “Set-Your-Own” Combination?

What are “Set-Your-Own” combination locks?

Combination locks use rotary dials to unlock when in a specified sequence. With “Set-Your-Own” combination locks the user is able to define their own combination when the lock is open. This eliminates the common problem of lost keys. Common “Set-Your-Own” combination locks are the Master Lock 175 and 176.

Master Lock 175 and 176

The Master Lock 175 and 176 are brass combination locks. Brass locks are a common choice for areas that have harsh weather or during the rainier seasons because it is a metal alloy made of copper and zinc; which makes these locks very durable. Brass locks are one of the most economic choices for your security needs, and due to the alloy’s durability brass padlocks are ideal for caustic, marine environments.

The Master Lock 175 and 176 are nearly identical. The main benefit from purchasing a 176 is that it has a control key override just in case you don’t have the combination.


Resetting Master Lock No. 175 and 176

To reset the 175 and 176 you will go through the same process using the K175 reset tool.



1. Open the lock with the factory set (0-0-0-0) or the previously set combination. The lock must be set to the current combination, or you cannot reset it.



2. Insert reset tool (enclosed in package) in the hole on side of lock. Push reset tool in and turn 90 degrees (in either direction). Reset tool automatically stays in this position.




3. With the change tool still in the lock, set wheels to your desired combination.




4. Turn the reset tool back 90 degrees and remove. The Lock is now set to your new combination.




Now your lock should open when you put in your new combination.

Make sure to save your unique combination at or download the app to ensure you never lose your combinations again.

You can find the Master Lock Padlocks shown in this video here:




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What are Keyed Alike Padlocks?

4 Nov

Do you have more than one lock and don’t like carrying around a bunch of keys? Then you need a keyed alike system from

What does Keyed Alike mean?

Keyed alike is when one key can open many locks, providing the user with one-key convenience. offers many lock models keyed alike. You can create a keyed alike system with the same lock model or different padlocks that are used for many different applications. For example, these four very different locks can be unlocked by the same key.



Keyed Alike systems are perfect for industrial applications where the employee needs to access several padlocks. If you want to have the convenience of having one key, but don’t want to give your employees access to all the locks you can look into a more complex system, like a Master Keyed system. A Master Keyed system is like a Keyed Alike system, but you can create groups of locks that don’t share the same key. However, the Master Key can open all padlocks within the system.

If you already have a Keyed Alike system and would like to add more locks, you will need your key number, which you can find on the back of your key.


For some padlocks, you may find your key number on the padlock’s packaging.


Once you have your key number you can go to, and enter your key number where it asks if you have an existing key number.


Or if you would like some assistance creating your keyed alike set or you would like assistance with a more complicated system like a Master Keyed System, you can call Customer Service Number 1-800-778-2217.

To keep track of your key number for future reference or for Replacement Keys enter it in at or download the Master Lock Vault app, which is available in the Google Play Store or the App Store.

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Master Lock® Lost Keys and Key Replacements

26 Sep


A common question we get at is, “I lost my keys, can you send me a new set?”


Step 1: Find Your Key Number

It is only possible to obtain a replacement key from Master Lock® if you have the key number.

Your key number can be found on the back of your key or on the original packaging.

For example, this key number is 3900. If your key is blank it is possible that it is a duplicate key, which only a locksmith will be able to help you copy.

master lock cut key


Step 2: Call

Once you have your key number, you can call’s customer care at 1-800-778-2217.

Or if you know your key model, you can visit and purchase the correct cut key.

If you do not have the key number, it is possible to get an impression of your lock by a locksmith or a local hardware store. Please note that not all locksmiths will offer this service, and if they do, they will charge you a fee.

For your security, there is no such thing as a “Master Key” that opens all Master Locks.

1525 Replacement Control Key

1500 series + control key

For Schools and institutions that purchased Master Lock No. 1525 locks may order key replacements. However, they need to confirm their end user information before purchasing more keys. This may require sending a handwritten or faxed request for the keys on the school’s letterhead or sending an official PO. Please call’s customer care at 1-800-778-221 for assistance with this process.

Lockout Tagout Keys

safety lockout

OSHA has strict policies that select Safety Lockout products are “one lock, one key”.

For the employee’s safety, select Master Lock® safety lockout products will require you to fill a request form before you can receive your replacement key. Once the request form is received, there will be a 10-15 business day lead time.

Master Lock Products that require a request form include:


  • 406KAS    
  • 406AST
  • S31    
  • S31KAS    
  • S32    
  • S33KAS    
  • S33


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