Happy Traveling with the New TSA Approved Padlocks!

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Whether you’re going on a trip and flying with important documents, sending expensive equipment, or just wanting to secure your luggage; you’ve more than likely considered using a padlock to help increase your security. Keep reading to learn how the newest TSA Approved Master Lock Models can help you out!

We’ve covered this topic before, so feel free to read it HERE. However, we’ll do a quick summary on the premise of the TSA Locks as a quick refresher below.

As we know, The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has the right to check our baggage; though mostly conducted with X-Ray scanning, sometimes a thorough check through is required. If your suitcase is locked, agents have no choice but to cut your padlock to get inside. However, when you use a TSA Approved Padlock agents will see the Red Diamond Logo (untitled ) and know that they can use their version of a “master key” to safely open your lock, and will re-lock your item once they have inspected it.

In recent years, Master Lock has released both Keyed and Combination TSA Approved Locks. This latest release adds some more, incredibly useful, features. All of the new models have an extended shackle, and the resettable combination feature. Choose between numerical or standard letter dials. Twin Packs are also available if you are traveling with multiple items, or have multiple points of entry.


The base model 4696D / 4696DWD is one of our favorites, the ergonomic shackle design works perfect for applications of almost any kind. View the combination dials from the cut outs on the left hand side, or the front of the dial. All of these TSA branded locks are easily resettable, offer over 10,000 combination changes, and are constructed of metal with a steel shackle. View them HERE or browse online at our website Masterlocks.com.

4696D (4)

The 4697D  / 4697DWD is another great lock; mainly because that flexible shackle allows for use with almost any luggage. Whether it’s kids luggage, carry on, or a standard suitcase – the shackles are pretty much guaranteed to thread through. Though the colors are randomly assigned, they’re fun but classy; and may even help you identify your luggage in the baggage claim. View them HERE or browse online at our website Masterlocks.com

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions – our staff would love to help clarify, build you a quote, or get an order placed! 1(800)778-2217 or help@masterlocks.com.


New Master Lock Retractable Cable Lockout Devices!

The new S856 and S866 Lockout Devices offer retractable cable devices for lightweight, easy to use, secure safety lockout solutions. Below we’ll highlight some of our favorite new features!

The Cable – The retractable cable devices house a 9’ long cable that allows for a variety of applications. Choose a steel core cable or a nylon core cable for your correct application; cables are color coded for quick identification. After looping the cable, the body uses an internal ratcheting mechanism to allow for increased tension to be added once the control lever has been closed, insuring your application is secure. When the time comes, it is easy and affordable to replace your cable as well.

The Housing – The rugged ZenexTM Housing stores the cable neatly and allows for a more manageable lockout product, unlike those that do not internally store the cable. The housing helps to protect the integrity of the cable when not currently in use, as it’s ZenexTM Material with great . Each body has a recessed pocket for easy stacking/storage. One of our favorite features is the ergonomic cable reel that allows workers with gloves to easily remove and access the cable.

The Control Lever – The control lever must be open to access the release button to set the cable loose. With 4 10mm holes, these new products can be used for group or single lockout applications – whichever is required. The eyelets are perfect size to accommodate most Lock Out Tag Out padlocks. At The Lock People we really appreciate the flexibility of this item to become high security without requiring many additional parts and pieces.

Snap in Feature – Click the cable back into the body with the snap in feature; once activated the snap eliminates the ability to add more slack after the lever has been secured. The snap feature secures against tugging, shaking, or wiggling the cable out of position.  

Replacement Options – Cable replacement is available for both models, if your cable is worn or your application changes you can save time and money by switching the cables rather than repurchasing the full piece of equipment.

Extra Features – Each model comes with generic warning tags in English, Spanish, and French and alternate language labels are available for purchase.
Color coded stickers allow you to quickly identify which device to use, the S856 stickers are black and the S866 stickers are yellow.  

As always, our great customer service staff is ready to answer any questions you may have! Give us a call at 1(800)778-2217 or via email at help@masterlocks.com

5 Reasons You Should Be Using Master Lock® Bluetooth® Lock Boxes!

Whether you’re a realtor, an AirBNB host, or you rent out your space on popular home rental sites you understand the struggle of meeting up to grant access or having to give your code to strangers. The new Bluetooth® Lock Boxes from Master Lock® will not only save you time and money, they will leave a lasting impression to your guests and clients!

  1. The Access Control is Simple and Innovative

Grant and Revoke access with the touch of a button. That’s right, you use the free Master Lock Vault® eLocks App™ to assign access. You can choose to set users with permanent access or limit guests to a night or two; in case of emergencies or unexpected plans the ability to remove access is right at your fingertips as well. Plan future visits and access accounts to save time and ensure you never forget to give your guests access. Take advantage of the technology and pull up records of who used your lock box, and the exact time it was accessed online or through your app.

  1. Impress Your Guests and Clients Right from the Start

Master Lock® recently released these items, and they’re doing great on the market. Here at The Lock People® we predict It’s only a matter of time before these are the industry standard. Communication between you and your clients may be slim, so why not make every point of contact great? Imagine the great reputation and feedback your company will get for utilizing this new tool.

  1. There Are No Hidden Fees or Unexpected Costs

Sometimes installing innovative technology can feel risky, and you may worry about hidden fees. However, both models have NO data package, NO access fees, NO activation charges, NO monthly usage fees, and NO contracts. The only cost you will have after your initial purchase is to replace the pre-installed battery. The C123A battery has an estimated life of 2 years, and your smart phone will alert you once it starts to get low.

  1. Receive Tampering Notifications for Increased Security

The Master Lock® Bluetooth® Lock Boxes have an override keypad available for guests without a smart phone or a dead battery. Email notifications and App Alerts will go out to you when your lock has experienced multiple incorrect code attempts as an added measure of security.

  1. Durable Construction with Warranty

The 5440D and the 54401D are both constructed of solid body material with a protective coating to prevent scratches or damages, and are weather resistant up to -40 degrees. The bodies are 2.1in (83mm) x 2.3in (59mm) to allow the storage of multiple keys, access cards, and vehicle keys. The Portable Box (5440D) has a removeable shackle managed by the app, and the Wall Mounted Box (54401D) can be installed stationary for long term use. Each lock comes with a Limited One Year Warranty.

Overall, all of us here at The Lock People® love the new lock boxes. Find the products online or follow these links:

5440D – Portable Bluetooth Lock Box

5441D – Portable Bluetooth Wall Mount Lock Box

Our friendly staff is more than happy to answer any questions, or build you a custom bulk quote.

Please contact us at 1(800)778-2217 or via email at help@masterlocks.com

Keeping Your Swimming Pool Safe

Pool Security Title As the weather warms up it’s important to check each safety point involving your pool – including your gates, chemical storage shed, and even your pool toys. Your pool may be tempting to young children under 5, your teenager’s friends, and more. In this post, we’ll cover ways to update the security of your property for this upcoming summer!

It is important to review the pool safety regulations for your state and county, and follow all procedures and tips involving gates, alarms, and lock out as needed.

Starting out we would like to cover our favorite locks to use on your gate. Don’t worry, each of our selections are either made of brass or have a weatherproof coating to prevent rusting from wet pool hands or splashing water. Note we didn’t add any combination locks in here; as younger family members or their friends may gain unwarranted access to your pool. 

Each selection has an extended shackle of 1-1/2”, our customer service team at The Lock People® agrees that a longer shackle makes it easier to maneuver the lock to insert your key. Each lock can be Keyed Alike or Keyed Different depending on your application.

6830LF – This brass lock has a 6mm wide shackle, the thinnest of the three choices, to fit most applications. As well, it contains a Dual ball locking mechanism to resist pulling and prying, and features a high security 5-pin cylinder that’s virtually impossible to pick.

M115KALF – The Rust-Oleum® certified cover protects the dual ball bearing laminated steel core, and the 4 pin cylinder for increased security. The addition of the 8mm Tough-Cut™ octagonal boron-carbide will give you peace of mind, as it is 50% harder than hardened steel.

2LF – The laminated brass model will keep your gate secure with its 8mm hardened steel shackle, and the non-rekeyable 4 pin cylinder will prevent picking. The Master Lock laminated padlock line is one of the most used, and publicly trusted line.


The Lock People® understand the pool is about more than security, fences, chemicals, and other adult-stuff. After all, we are talking about the pool! Have peace of mind in buying new floaties, pool rings, and more knowing you can safely secure them from the wind or any underage pool visitors.

The use of cables has risen in popularity, as it’s an affordable way to guarantee your items stay grouped together and right where you’d like them. Stringing your toys through either of these cables will ensure your items aren’t blown away by the wind, lost, or stolen. Keep reading to learn about the specifications on both.

8413DPF – This Python® Adjustable Cable Lock will allow you to change the length of the loops to keep items as loose, or as taut as you’d like. These cables come in multiple lengths, so feel free to choose the length that makes sense to your application. Since there is no loop, the end will feed through almost any handle or loopy, and the vinyl coated braided steel will ensure it stays there.

78DPF – Consider this option if you’re looking to apply your own lock! Choose a combination, or maybe utilize a keyed alike set from another application for 1 key convenience. This 6’ braided steel with vinyl coated lock is great for other applications around the house or garage outside of pool season. 

To wrap it all up we wanted to mention two of our favorite locks for securing any sheds or storage units you may have in your yard. Whether these units contain pool chemicals, storage boxes, or yard items it’s important to lock up your belongings when you will have visitors in your yard to swim.

It’s easy to browse our website to find the perfect lock to lock up your outdoor shed, but these two models are some of our most popular outdoor locks.

6121– The ProSeries® Weather Tough® Covered Laminated Padlock will ensure your items stay locked up, just the way you want them to be. Designed for industrial applications the heavy steel body protects against physical attacks, and the 8mm hardened boron alloy shackle will prevent cutting. The high security 5 pin cylinder is virtually impossible to pick.

1175LH – This resettable combination lock features a 10mm octagonal shackle to prevent cutting, while the deadlocking mechanism prevents prying, shimming, and rap attacks. Also featured with this lock is a shackle seal and dial cover to keep out any lawn clippings, dust, or debris. No reset tool is required to change the 4 dial combination to any of the 10,000 choices available to you.

Visit our website for more information on specifications of each item. Clicking the model number will send you directly to the product page. 

A friendly agent is more than happy to help you find the perfect match for your application, or answer any questions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at 1 (800) 778 – 2217.

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Portable Lock Boxes & Key Safes

title_graphicLock boxes for keys are generally grouped with realtors, however, almost anybody can take advantage of their benefits. With a lock box / key safe you can provide third parties with a combination, rather than providing multiple keys that may be used without your knowledge. Displaying your lockbox when expecting guests is safer than keys floating around to be used at random. Below we’ll cover new ways to use the boxes, and then go on to show some of our favorites.

As The Lock People ®, we hear interesting ways people use our products all the time. Some of our favorites are the inventive ways to use portable lock boxes, and we wanted to share these tips with our readers!

After one customer’s kid lost around 5 house keys, she decided to use a lock box to solve the problem! She had her kid choose a code easily remembered and they used the stored key when coming home from school, once the parents were home they would replace the lock in the box.
Another customer has a lock box that only has the key inside when she is at work or out of town, this allows her pet sitters to come in and retrieve food for her pups and take them out without handing over a copy to either multiple workers or a teenager.
Some people keep a spare in their yard locked away, which allows them to text the code/location of the box to either their neighbors or family in case of an emergency when a keyholder is nowhere near!
Other cases include giving the gardener a code for the gate/shed key, storing an extra car key in the garage locked up so it does not get lost, and many many more. Comment below with your creative way to use a Master Lock Portable Lock Box.

Now we’ll continue to introduce the most popular purchases made from The Lock People®!


The 5406D is one of our most popular portable lock boxes, and is the typical go to for residential use; storing 1-2 house keys, or a car key. The box comes with a flexible cover that protects the combination dials from weather, dirt and grime; and its vinyl coated shackle prevents scratching on your door. The 5406D has 3 dials that allow you to Set Your Own Combination.


The 5400D is most commonly purchased by realtors, but is still actively used in residential settings. This box has internal dimensions of 3-1/2” x 2-3/4” x 1” making it perfect for multiple keys, access cards, and other small items. This box also includes the flexible cover that protects the combination dials, and has the vinyl shackle coating to protect your door. Lastly, the 5400D is a set your own combination with 4 dials.


   The 5401D is great for permanent applications, such as the side of your house or in your garage. The box has large internal dimensions of 3-1/4” x 2-1/4” x 1” to store keys, car keys, or access cards. The protective weather cover keeps items safe from outdoor conditions such as rain or snow. The 5401D is a set your own combination lock with 4 dials.


The 5424D is a higher tech model, providing glowing combination dials as well as a removable shackle for easy application. The battery is easy to replace, and the weather cover protects your dials. These are popular with both realty companies and the average joe who pays attention to details. The 5424D holds multiple keys or access cards. This model is a set your own combination with 4 dials.

All of these products can be purchased directly from our website , or by calling our friendly staff at 1 (800) 778 – 2217.

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Discontinued Hidden Shackle Padlocks with Replacements


Hidden Shackle Padlocks, or more commonly known as Puck Locks are great for many industrial applications. From work vans and business gates, to trailers and vending machines the list goes on. American Lock & Master Lock have chosen to simplify both of their hidden shackle lines in 2017. Read below to learn which locks are still in production and what to do if your current lock was discontinued!

It’s important to remember that a simplified line does not mean that your options as a consumer will be limited. In fact key numbers, measurements, back geometry, and body material from discontinued items carry over seamlessly into the current line.

Follow the chart below to determine which active model lock will fit your application.
The reference guide speaks for itself and clearly illustrates all options and choices for replacement that are available to you. Please carefully look over all choices to ensure that your replacement lock is applicable for ALL important features for your application.
Any Keyed Alike, Master Keyed, Sets, or Edge Keys can translate into a new active model Puck Lock as well, if so desired. Continue reading below to learn how to identify the part #’s required to get the correct cylinder built into your new puck lock.

When ordering it’s important to note any specialty keyway requirements in the “order notes” section of your order to ensure that the transition is as smooth as can be. When unsure of the current cylinder, please provide the desired key number as well. This provides the highest success rate in getting you exactly what you need.

If you experience any confusion or difficulties don’t hesitate to visit us online at Masterlocks.com to start up a live chat, or contact us at 1 (800) 778 – 2217. A lock specialist is more than happy to help you place your order!

To get an order going for your new puck lock, visit us to browse our inventory. Discontinued models are available while supplies last.

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How Do I Find The Combination To My Master Lock?

Combination locks are great for school, gym, and any other personal use lockers! However, losing your combination can be frustrating. Below we’ll cover ways to help you recover any lost combinations*, and our tips on preventing being locked out of your combination lock again!

*Please note that it is only possible to retrieve missing combinations if your combination lock has a serial number written on the back, and is not attached or locking anything. See the image below to ensure that your lock has a serial number.


If your combination lock does not provide a serial number, there is no documentation on which combination your lock may have. Unfortunately, this means that looking for documentation or old packaging may be the only way to recover your combination. If you are need of a new combination lock, visit us at Masterlocks.com to purchase one at a great price.

If your lock does provide a serial number, the easiest way to retrieve your combination is to take your lock to any local Master Lock Distributor in your area; think of Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. A store associate at the customer service desk will be able to call the Master Lock Customer Service line at 1(800)308-9244 to retrieve your combination for you. It’s important to note that Master Lock will not release combinations to anybody other than authorized employees who can vouch that your lock is in hand, present, and free standing.



Now that you have access to your combination, we recommend you store it in a safe place. The best place for storing your combination is in the Master Lock® Vault®  – a FREE service from Master Lock that’s easy to use! The Master Lock Vault not only stores combinations, but other important documents such as passwords, tax documents, ID’s, etc.

School faculty and fitness club staff members can retrieve multiple missing combination charts online by filling out and returning this Combination Chart Form via fax to 619.444.5677.


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